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Tax-Efficient Financial Planning & Investment Management

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Why Medicus Wealth Planning





As fiduciaries we are entrusted and required by law to put our client’s best interest first at all times. Similar to the Hippocratic Oath for physicians, the Fiduciary Standard places us under both a legal and moral obligation to put our clients’ best interest ahead of our own. You might find it odd (as we do) that not all financial advisors are held to this same standard. In many cases, financial advisors are simply held to a Suitability Standard, which only requires them to make recommendations that are suitable for their clients, not necessarily what is best for them.





As fee-only advisors, the only compensation we ever receive comes directly from our clients. You can rest assured knowing that the only person we work for is you. We don’t receive commissions, kickbacks, or hidden compensation from any third party for making certain investment recommendations. As fee-only advisors we sit on the same side of the table as you.



CFP Professionals


We are big proponents of the financial services industry raising the bar and truly defining who can legally call themselves a financial advisor or financial planner. We have the proper training, experience, and certifications that prove we are competent in our field. Some of the degrees, designations, and certifications our advisors hold include graduate and undergraduate degrees in Personal Financial Planning, the Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®), IRS Enrolled Agent (EA), and the Certified Medical Planner ™ (CMP®).


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