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Meet Our Intern – Isaac Howells Thumbnail

Meet Our Intern – Isaac Howells

Giving back to the financial planning industry is something we’ve always valued at Medicus. Each year we hire a paid intern for two weeks to shadow one of our advisors and learn the ins and outs of the business. Our purpose in establishing a short-term internship program is to help young people understand what it takes to be a great advisor, how to have success in the business, and ultimately help them determine if this is a career they would enjoy pursuing. If you have a family member or friend you believe would be interested in participating in our short-term internship program, have them email Kevin at kevin@medicuswp.com

Hi, my name is Isaac Howells, and I recently completed a two-week internship with Medicus Wealth Planning. The two weeks I spent shadowing Kevin Michels were filled with fun and new material. Every day I was challenged to learn new terms, client service, and interesting technology programs. I loved learning how to help clients manage their money more effectively and efficiently.

Part of the internship was creating my own financial plan. The financial plan addressed all aspects of my financial life, but my favorite part was creating my own portfolio.

 Throughout the whole internship, I was able to ask a variety of questions and even found answers to questions I didn’t even know I had!

 Kevin and the other advisors at Medicus were fun and enthusiastic teachers. I loved “geeking out” with the advisors about financial terms, the stock market, and the future of the financial planning industry. I loved learning and felt that I was treated as a colleague rather than a student or intern. 

After each day, Kevin would assign me reading material to help further my education or where he saw I needed the most growth. I felt the material he gave me was customized and would differ from intern to intern.

Near the end of my internship, I found myself longing for more time and feeling like a child who had to leave his friend’s house to go home for dinner. We accomplished so much, but yet, I felt like there was so much more to learn. While I miss waking up every morning to go to work for a financial planner, I’m glad I feel confident knowing this would be a career I would love. After I serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I plan on attending Utah Valley University and studying Personal Financial Planning and Accounting. I’m so grateful to know that this career is waiting for me.