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What's Your Next Phase of Life? Thumbnail

What's Your Next Phase of Life?

Money is an intimate subject and one of the most beautiful aspects of my job is being able to interact with people on an intimate level.

These relationships and conversations are typically taken to the next level when I’m working with an individual or couple who are preparing for or transitioning into retirement (which is one reason I’ve decided to intentionally seek out and work with soon-to-be retirees).

That transition typically evokes a lot of emotion as someone looks back on what they’ve accomplished over their career and what they hope to accomplish in the next phase of life.

That vision of the “next phase of life” is as different as the hundreds of people I’ve worked with.

More family time, traveling, a second career, new hobbies, volunteering, and fun projects like a home or cabin remodel are typically a part of that next phase.

But hidden within those activities is the true best part of retirement, it’s the freedom. The freedom to do what you want, when you want, and for how long you want.

In that sense, retirement isn’t about working until 65, quitting your job, and living off social security and investments.

It’s about being intentional on what you want to do in the next phase of life, how much it will cost, and how soon you can get there (without sacrificing your current lifestyle).

I love being a part of that process. 

I’ll end with this invitation: Take a moment to actually write down what your next phase of life (retirement) looks like. If you’re already there, examine how you’re spending your time and if it lines up with your values.