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Our History

Our founder, David Luke, started his career in the financial services industry back in 1989 when he left a comfortable and secure job at the bond trading desk for General Motors to become a stock broker for AG Edwards.

After years of serving clients in the brokerage and commission model David was determined to find a better way to serve his clients without the conflict of interest that existed between selling the products of his brokerage firm and doing what was absolutely best for the client.

In 2010, David took a big leap of faith and left the brokerage world to join a local fee-only financial planning firm where he knew he could serve his clients in a fiduciary role. David says it was the best professional decision he ever made.

Shortly after that, David partnered with Kevin Michels to form Medicus Wealth Planning.

Medicus Wealth Planning exists today to help its clients achieve their financial goals in a transparent setting, void of conflict of interests and hidden agendas. The advisors at Medicus Wealth do this by signing a fiduciary oath, staying sharp in their technical skills, and working together in the best interest of the client.